1 - Choose the products you want from our online catalogue; click on the “add to shopping cart" button. Once you’ve finished loading your shopping cart, go to the shopping cart by clicking on the shopping cart icon at the top or on the right side and click on the “proceed with purchase” button".

2- You will be taken to the login page: you can choose whether to log in or access the registration form (depending on whether you are already registered or not). If not registered, fill in the fields required before proceeding to the check out.

3- Proceed to payment: fill in the payment form with your credit card details (Mastercard or Visa) and click on the “purchase” button. If you opted to pay via Paypal (which accepts payments via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Carta Aura), you will be taken to the Paypal portal to complete the payment. Once the message “purchase successfully completed” is displayed, you will receive a confirmation email sent to the email address you used for registration.

For more information on payment methods, click here.

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