Recommend our e-shop to a friend and we will give you 10 euros!

Recommend the VIDIVI - Vetri delle Venezie e-shop to your friends! You will all be rewarded! Once a friend recommended by you makes his first purchase on , he will get a free delivery, while you will receive a 10 euros bonus that you can use for your next online purchase.
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What do my friends have to do when they receive the invite email?

Your friends, after clicking on the link that comes with the invite email without leaving the page, have to register and create a new account. In this way they will also be connected to you! When they make their first online purchase within 30 days of being sent the invite email, within 7 working days you will receive your €10 bonus directly into your account. The bonuses will automatically be taken off each one of your purchases.

What do my friends get out of registering?

Shipping will be free for their first purchase! What’s more, they can also have their turn in inviting their friends and start earning bonuses!

How can I use my bonuses?

You can use your bonuses to buy any article on sale at, with the exclusion of discounted articles or those with any type of promotional price; the bonuses will automatically be discounted from the total to pay.

Are the bonuses accumulable?

Yes, you may accumulate bonuses, but you may only use one with every € 50 you spend. For example, if you receive € 30 of bonuses thanks to your friends signing up and making purchases, and subsequently you make a purchase to the sum of € 100, € 20 of your credit will automatically be used, whilst you will still have €10 of credit which may be put towards your next purchase.

Does the bonus have an expiry date?

Yes, every bonus is valid for 90 days from when it was awarded. In the credit area of your account you can always refer to the expiry dates of your bonuses.

Where can I see my bonuses?

If you go onto your profile, under the heading “your bonuses” you can find the details of the bonuses you have been awarded.

Is there a limit to the number of friends I can invite?

Absolutely not! You may invite as many friends as you like! Obviously you are only able to invite the same person once and earn your bonuses only if your suggested friends are not already registered on the site and if they have accessed the “register” area using the link contained in the invite email.

If I want a refund for one of the purchases I bought using a bonus, what happens?

The bonus will be credited to you at the same time as the crediting of the purchase.

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